In the eREB electronic submission process we recognize obtaining resource signatures can be quite onerous.  We have prepared this resource signature document as a guideline. As you know you are responsible to identify any area that may be impacted by your study and then obtain the signature from the Clinical Manager/Director.  Our plan is to continue to update this information, at times there may be changes we are not immediately aware of so we welcome your input if you notice any discrepancies/changes.  Because of the number of sites we cannot provide an updated list of the Inpatient/Outpatient Managers/Directors but we do suggest you refer to your hospital directory and call the area to obtain the name of the appropriate person.  Our staff are also available to provide guidance with these requests.

eREB Department Signatory Table





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Disclaimer: The Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (HiREB) represents the institutions of Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Research St. Joseph's-Hamilton, and the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University and operates in compliance with and is constituted in accordance with the requirements of: The Tri-Council Policy Statement on Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Humans; The International Conference on Harmonization of Good Clinical Practices; Part C Division 5 of the Food and Drug Regulations of Health Canada,  and the provisions of the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act 2004 and its applicable Regulations; For studies conducted at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, HiREB complies with the Health Ethics Guide of the Catholic Alliance of Canada