How do I manage privacy concerns when using video conferencing like Zoom?
Apps like Zoom, Webex, and MSTeams can be used, but privacy risks must be disclosed to participants in the consent. For Information, see ‘Video Conferencing and Consent Guideline’ in the ‘Forms and Templates’ tab on the hireb website.

I have just obtained the last signature on my application. Is the application then automatically submitted in the eREB system?
YES! As of March 03, 2020 new forms have been published enabling the auto submission action. Once all signatures have been obtained the sytsem will automatically submit the application or sub form to the HiREB.

Signatures for persons that have access to personal health information are no longer required ?
As of March 03, 2020 the LPI no longer has to obtain signatures on the Retrospective Review of Medical Charts& Health Data application, Prospective Database Research application or the Human Tissue Research application. With the exception of the LPI you will need to have on file a completed Confidentiality Agreement-Study Member form for each person who will be reviewing/abstraction medical records/charts/health data or who will have access to this identifiable data. This form can be located on the website on the eREB page.

Can another individual sign the form if the LPI is away?
In general, exceptions may be made for LPIs who are on sick leave or deceased, but otherwise it is expected that the LPI would be able to sign the amendment form/approve the changes prior to submission.
If it is a paper study, or if the LPI is unable to access the eREB system unexpectedly, confirmation of the LPIs approval could be obtained via email and the email then attached to the submission signed by the Co-I. Otherwise the LPI should be signing prior to submission in the eREB system.